【FPGirl 2nd WhiteList & flow】

(English translation is at the bottom of the page.↓↓↓)






■発行可能ナンバー No.0453~No.0647(205枚) 全て新規Mint




・Wallet address(ENSでもOK)


・販売リスト掲載OK(推奨) or NG。DM希望(遅めのご連絡になります)








②販売リスト掲載可能な方はsamo*chaのTwitterにてプライベートセールの手続きが完了次第リストURLとともにリプライでお知らせさせていただきます。(こちらが最速の連絡方法になると思います。)お申し込みいただいたウォレットアドレスで接続した状態でページにアクセスしBuy nowでお迎えください。(オファーは必要ありません)







■販売可能枚数 36枚





(English translation↓↓)

☆We will set up two types of application forms this time.☆

A: [FPGirl 2nd Whitelist].

■Price: 0.07ETH (Ethereum)

■Market: opensea

■Proprietary Contracts

■Available Numbers No.0453 to No.0647 (205 pieces) All new Mints

①On Thursday, April 14, 2022, at 19:00JST, a link to the Google Form will be tweeted on samo*cha's Twitter. (We will also publish the link to the form around the 13th, the day before, so that you can bookmark it, etc.) Twitter▷https://twitter.com/samocha_NFT

・Your name (of course, you can use your HN, etc.)

・Twitter account (@◯◯)

・Wallet address (ENS is OK)

・Number of pieces to be purchased (maximum 8 pieces)

・DM me (I will contact you later).

・Please fill out the above and submit your application.

Deadline is Sunday, April 17 at 22:00JST.

※This time, NOs will be assigned by lottery from among those who applied, so you can participate slowly.

※The final image you will get is random with a certain probability, but you can check the contents of the image before purchasing.

※Please make sure to set your Twitter settings to receive DMs.

※Gas fee will be charged separately at the time of purchase. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please make your purchase on weekends when gas prices are lower.

※The listing URL will be provided in a reply as soon as the private sale process is completed on samo*cha's Twitter. (This will be the fastest way to contact us.) Please access the page with your preferred wallet address connected and Buy now. (No offer is necessary).

※If you would like to receive a DM from NG for your salelisting, we will inform you of the URL of the piece you purchased at a later date. (Please understand that DM restrictions are unexpectedly strict and replies may be very delayed. Please understand) ↑Sample

B: [FPGirl 1st cancelled Whitelist]

We will make a WL from the cancelled piece from the first WL. You can purchase it at the price of 0.06 ETH at that time.


■Market: opensea

■Proprietary Contracts

■Number of copies available for sale (to be announced again on April 15 as soon as it is confirmed)

① and ② will be omitted since the details are the same as those of the second WL above.

[Regarding cancellations].

We were very worried about how to deal with the individuals who were not picked up in the first round and whose deadline had expired (the limit is one week). After much consideration, we have decided that the reason why you did not pick up the animals at that time was due to personal reasons (lack of budget, not noticing, not liking, etc.), so we have decided to accept applicants again in this way. Please see the opensea already minted to see what kind of children we have.



  • 1000 / 1000