What's FPGirl NFT& Road map

Familiar Pure Girlのご紹介とロードマップです。 
Familiar Pure Girl introduction and roadmap.

What's FPGirl NFT

Familiar Pure GirlことFPGirlは、samo*chaを応援してくださる皆様からの「お迎えしたいけど作品数や価格帯の関係で難しい」という声によって生まれた、お手頃価格のGenerativeNFTシリーズです。

Familiar Pure Girl, or FPGirl, is a reasonably priced GenerativeNFT that was created in response to the voices of samo*cha supporters who wanted to welcome her but found it difficult to do so due to the number of works and price range. series.


All work is done by samo*cha alone.

All items are one of a kind.

Mint, private sales, and image updates are done by samo*cha's husband.

We plan to produce additional contents for your enjoyment after purchase. (We are also planning to hold a drawing for gifts for holders only)




・price: 0.06ETH(Ethereum)

■For the 1st March 26thWhiteList Entries Received

■For 1st April 2, WhiteList entries accepted (rescheduled due to TwitterCommunity functionality being down).

・Maximum number of units: 648

・Price: 0.06ETH (Ethereum)

・How to purchase: Entry to WhiteList shared by Twitter community/separately noted

・Market: opensea

・Proprietary Contracts

・There is only one secret individual.

※If the response to the first entry is strong, we may produce additional pieces. (In that case, we will raise the price a little.)

You can choose your favorite one from #No.0001 to #No.0015 at the pre-order meeting. (If there are too many applicants, they will be selected by lottery.)

※Even in the case of additional production, numbered individuals will be limited to a maximum of 1,000 units produced (clothing-changed individuals will be excluded since they are not numbered. 20220326.12:00 added).

Familiar Pure Girl NFT


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